C++11 with eclipse-cdt

Das war der ausschlaggebende Artikel, der mir half C++ 11 mit Eclipse Neon zu programmieren.

diGital eFFects

Many modern programming language has cool language features like lambdas and automatic memory management. You can also use some of these modern and cool features in C++11. But writing C++11 in eclipse is not straight forward, as you need to configure for it. I will explain the configuration requirement for eclipse-cdt so that you can writing C++11 code in it.

  • I will be using eclipse neon for this demonstration but it should work with other version of cdt as long as the compiler has C++11 support for it.
  • I will only consider GNU-C++ compiler but it should work with other compilers (give it has support and you know the flags)
  • I am using linux (ubuntu) as platform. So, to use threading, I need pthread library. You may or may not need it based on your platform.

Let us first consider a simple C++11 code in eclipse.

Fire up your eclipse…

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